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“We cannot solve our current problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

[Albert Einstein]

Our mission is to help revitalize our communities, organisations and economies starting with each person, so as to enhance productivity through ethics of personal responsibility, respect and understanding of others, and, the ability to influence others to goals commitment. We aim to provide sufficient support to ensure embedment of new knowledge and skills at a practical level for all members of teams.

This company was established in 2003 to help meet some practical needs identified both in the conduct of projects and training for those involved with projects. Many of the principles developed were found to have applicability to other aspects of businesses, government and non-for-profit organisations.

Many aspects of our services revolve around the different elements and methodologies employed for management of projects by people within diverse organisations. Our emphasis is heavily on the people-delivery of projects and the project-to-organisation interface. This human-interface emphasis is rather more than a "soft-skills" emphasis - it would better be described as "inadequate people-skills create hard costs" for projects, business, government and people themselves.



Those hard costs are mostly paid for by ratepayers, taxpayers or shareholders and are often invisible to those who are paying them and those who are incurring them. "Would you have made the decision you've just made, if it were your money?" is an often recurring question in our consultation and training of people.

Whether it is projects, general management or any other activities in society people skills can make or break what is being done - and can create great stress for the people involved.

The Today4Tomorrow Group has a range of experienced consultants and trainers able to help people get projects on track and keep them there. Our expertise is willingly passed to those with whom we work. When training, we "hold the trainee's hand" until they understand the concepts and put them into practice.

In all projects, it's people who deliver any project; and experience has shown that they must do this as a team. Each member must have the necessary leadership skills to carry forward their part of the project/activities with confidence and integrity. People skills are paramount in being able to do this. Similar principles are no less fundamental to other parts of any business.

Multi-dimensional collaboration is essential in driving forward!

Awareness Sessions

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Today4Tomorrow Project Services

provides assistance and/or role fulfilment in -

  • Strategic positioning or re-positioning of businesses / government / NFPs
  • Business improvement / re-engineering
  • PMO creation / management integration
  • Customer service enhancement
  • Pre-planning/business case development
  • Construction - built environment / water/waste-water / other

   Today4Tomorrow Training 

    provides theory and practice training in -

  • basic to advanced project management
  • all elements of project management
  • specialist coverage of probity and procurement
  • contract selection and management
  • pre-planning & business case development
  • construction, business and ICT projects

Today4Tomorrow Training Plus

provides specialized training in -

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership training
  • Effective meetings
  • Understanding probity
  • Creative facilitation
  • Benefits realisation
  • Government liaison
  • Art of communication

Research suggests that in the construction industry alone at least $1 trillion dollars a year could be saved globally through 60% productivity improvement. This can mean more is achieveable with current expenditure. This figure can be multiplied several times for broader industries and government activities; especially when productivity impacts are considered in relation to costs of accidents, illness and other contingent mishaps.



Let us help you identify your "hurt points" to improve productivity in the delivery of products or services whether your role or business is in the private or public sector or NFP sectors.

Any improvement is dependent upon each person - whatever their role - taking appropriate leadership responsibility in carrying forward what is expected of them in their role. And, since none of us can really accomplish very much alone, teams are of paramount importance.



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